The following is a thorough outline of the process of purchasing from LavaPrint.

LavaPrint's general policies of sale has been updated here for the all uv printer purchase.

  1. All printers sales are final sales and abosulute there is none  returnable and none refundable without exception upon putting deposits of 60% of the price of the products.
  2. The buyer deposits to LavaPrint an amount equal to 60% of the price of the products that are to be shipped.
  3. Upon reception of deposit, LavaPrint will begin manufacture and shipping preparation of the ordered products. This process takes an average of 2~4 weeks. The buyer will be kept up to date with any important status updates which may occur during this time.
  4. Once preparations are complete, the products will be shipped via ocean freight. The delivery time is expected to be 25-35 days.
  5. Upon arrival of the products at the customs of the destination, LavaPrint will notify the buyer with proof of arrival. The remaining balance of 40% of the cost of the products is due within 48 hours of this notification, counting only business days. 
  6. The buyer assumes all costs associated with duty tax, brokerage fee, and any other applicable fees at customs, including possible fees of continued storage at customs in the case of delay of the balance payment.
  7. Upon reception of of the remaining balance, LavaPrint will release to the buyer the necessary documentation to pick-up the product from customs. It is the buyer's responsibility to arrange transportation of the product from customs to the buyer's choice of destination site.
  8. After the pick-up, LavaPrint technicians will arrange the earliest convenient time possible to begin installation of the product at the destination site and provide training tutorials to the buyer for the operation of the product.
  9. Any disputes will be resolved in a court of law in Lavaink's geographic location of Vaughan(855 Major Mackenzie Drive East Richmond, Ontario L4B 4X7), Ontario, Canada.
  10. Purchase from LavaPrint requires the buyer to understand and agree to the terms and schedule provided above.