Flatbed Cutter 78138

Flatbed Cutter 78138

Flatbed Cutter 78138
Flatbed Cutter 78138

Flatbed Cutter 78138

Price: $59,999USD
Maximum Cutting Size: 78 x 138 in (2.00 X 3.50 m)
Cutting Depth: Standard up to 15 mm(0.6″) Max up to 50mm(2″)
Minimum Cutting Diameter: 5 mm
Maximum Speed: 1000mm/s
Overlapping Precision: ≤0.1mm
Standard Tools Universal cutting tool, Kiss-cutting tool
Option Tools Oscillating cutting tool (electric)
Option Tools Oscillating cutting tool (pneumatic)
Option Tools Driven rotary tool, 1 kW router, V-cut tool
Option Tools Creasing Wheel, Creasing Tool, Ploting Pen
Media Corrugated Cardboard, Folding Carton Pop Fashion, Shoes, Gift, Packaging Rubber, composite material, etc.
Pen/Blade/Wheel Gel-ink pen /Cutting Blades of different type Creasing Wheel of different size
Media Fixture Device Vacuum suction
Interface Serial port and Ethernet port
Buffer Memory 1G
Data transfer rate 100MB/S
Command Mode HP-GL compatible format
Control Panel Touch screen
Transmission System Servo Driver, Straight Rail, Synchronous Belt
Vacuum 220V/1.5KW
Power Supply AC 220V±10% 50HZ/2KW
Fuse 30A
Working Environment 10C~35C /50F~95F
Working Space 138 x 98 x 45 in (350 x 248 x 115 cm)
Packaging Dimension 150 x 115 x 30 in (380 x 293 x 75 cm)
Packaging Weight 926 lbs (420 kg)

Flatbed Cutter 78138

At LavaPrint, we make Flatbed cutter affordable for everyone.
At a time when everybody is cutting back and looking for affordable alternatives.
LavaPrint offers you Flatbed cutter that are a fraction of the brand name prices.
Our Flatbed cutter use the exact same high quality hardware and software. However, that’s where the similarities end because at LavaPrint
our Flatbed cutter have an Open Concept Design.
This allows for extremely simple, do it yourself maintenance.
Thusly, eliminating the need for pricy ‘service calls.’

So, identical high end parts and software
you’ll find on brand name labels (Flatbed cutter).
An open concept design for easy, do it yourself maintenance eliminating the need for expensive service calls.
All combined in a solid built, high quality printing workhorse for a fraction of the price.

Why Buy Chinese Flatbed cutter?
The best Flatbed cutter are made in China, not in USA or Japan. Because China produces the most machines each month, this huge production can guarantee the best quality and stability of machines. Our machine manufacturer has extensive experience and improve machine quality every day.

Why Buy Chinese Flatbed cutter?
Our cutter manufacturer sold over 3000 of all kinds of cutter each year. Most of the cutter sold in the USA are from our manufacturer, but with different labels and much more expensive than ours prices. In fact, for any cutter of the same type, a Lava Print Label will always be much cheaper.

We are confident that our Flatbed cutter are the best among any in the cutter industry.

In addition to that, there are many behind-the-scenes factors that we are proud of as well. While few other Flatbed cutter can match these results, even fewer can compete with LavaPrint’s advantage in simplicity of operation and durability in Flatbed cutter design. Any consumable parts are standard and cheaply replaced. So aside from the end result, the Flatbed cutter maintenance and operation costs are very economical.

With such confidence in our product and our expert knowledge in the field, we are proud to offer technical support for the machine. Most of the time we are able to resolve an issue simply by receiving a documenting photo from the customer, but if absolutely required, we can of course perform on-site service.

We also stock all Flatbed Cutter Parts at www.lavaink.com

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