Sublimation Fabric Printer Direct to Fabric Printing

Sublimation Fabric Printer

Sublimation Fabric Printer

Sublimation Fabric Printer Direct To Fabric Printing
Sublimation Fabric Printer
Sublimation Fabric Printer Direct To Fabric Printing
LED UV Printer Konica 512

Sublimation Fabric Printer

 Model: Sublimation Fabric Printer 72-SFP
 Price:  $19,999USD
 Maximum Print Width:  74″ / 1880 mm
 Maximum Print Thickness:  0.5 mm
 Print Heads:  4Konica 512
 Colors:  1 C 1 M 1 Y 1 K (14pL)
 Media:  Sublimation Fabric
 Media take-up system:  Auto Media Take Up System
 Printhead Cleaning:  Positive Pressure Cleaning
 Ink System:  Positive Pressure System
 Print Speed @ 720×720 DPI 322 FT²/HR (30.0 M²/HR)
 Print Speed @ 720×1440 DPI  215 FT²/HR (20.0 M²/HR)
 Print Speed @ 720×2880 DPI  161 FT²/HR (15 M²/HR)
 Vacuum System  Vacuum System
 Output Interface  USB
 Printer Power  0.5KW 50 HZ(60HZ) 220V(+-10%) > 5A
 All electrical components  protected against power spikes
 Environmental Required  68~86°F (20~30°C) Relative Humidity: 40-70%
 RIP Software  PhotoPrint
 Weight  1100 lb / 500kgs
 Dimensions  28 in x 54 in x 130 in / 71cm X 136cm x 331cm
 Working Space  18(Length for 4 x 8 foamboard) x 13(Width) x 4(Height) FT /600 x 430 x 136 cm

Fabric Printer. Printer parts at

Further, direct to the printer of garments known as lava or an ink jet printer for printing the garment, the Direct garment printing, digital from computer having a simple fabric substrate specially inkjet printer designed print the image.
It seems a little basic, but there are also some advantages, direct to garment printer is ideal for process. Lava to learn in how it works, your business model is displayed in the best way to earn the money directly to the printing of clothes.

First, direct garment printer has many advantages.

Compared to screen printing, there is no setup cost. Direct to garment printer is essentially a button operation. You’re ready to go, let it warm up, and then start it.
A small amount of orders and reasonable prices in the disposable print.
It tells the garment printer to print a very accurate and detailed image.
Unlike screen printing, the printer directly to the clothing store, I do not have a color charge, full-color printing is a very affordable price.
I feel almost like a part of the structure, and exquisite workmanship, it tells the ink of the garment printer that is directly connected to the optical fiber.
Ideal for direct-to-garment printer job.

Disposable or a small amount
Gradient, shadow or color very variety of advanced printing of,
Direct to garment printer process

Direct to the main characteristics of the garment printer is, they is that you are more complex than what you’d expect normally. A lot of people are Parker presented or surprised some of the complex image with a soft, such as a very accurate and wool T-shirt.

In addition to the textile substrate to replace the best paper directly to clothing, it can be likened to a home for an ink jet printer. As in the home printer, direct garment printing machine, it is necessary to set a different job, it does not further display millions of colors.

Just direct the first generation of change standard ink-jet printer to garment printer. In fact, the first image is from my brother and the Epson Corporation. Manufacturers simply to improve their products to meet the heavy clothes. They are ink-jet textile from the acquisition you from the office supply store that is slightly different.

Garment printers, such as such lava lava Viper clothing brand M2 and printers, the new model is, printing, direct to have been designed for staining. Recipe for printing directly to the textile substrate material, they will be able to generate complex photorealistic design!

Of the challenges in printing for the, it can direct garment printer ink is expensive. In dark clothes, you need to design the color of the under white ink under base. The base layer will ensure that the color looks as you wish.
Clothes cost before doing the ink printer on the basis of directly to the decision-making, remember, lava brand of printer, and in particular use as little as possible ink and lava M2 Viper design. Know in fact, M2 advanced cleaning fast colored real lava ink, and you will be able to need it color enhancement iQ of color RIP software, you can accurately put the perfect amount of ink you have. This technology, in order to create a half the cost of the clothes-based printer ink-jet cartridge of the design of the T-shirt, you will have your shop.

Lava from the digital image to the ink directly to garment printer on the substrate is dependent on the CMYK color conversion color reproduction. CMYK cyan, magenta, yellow, black main color. It is, in the normal applied their abbreviations in sequence, to use the four basic color combination of the ink, this type is called a four-color process. This process can be used to simulate all of the color of digital design.

Ink of lava is bound to the fibers of the garment. This is 100% cotton for as long as it is very smooth possible, which is why fibrous material than polyester, such as clothing directly to the printer,. Application of polyester and polypropylene poly lava pretreatment preparation was mixed directly into the process of clothing printing machine.

After all of the colors and designs have been completed, the hot-curing ink. Minute it takes only until the whole of the drying process is complete.